Add Album Artwork/Artist/Album to iTunes Music Automatically

If you prefer to download songs from various web sources that do not include downloading it directly from the iTunes store, running into the problem of missing covers can prevent you from getting the highest possible quality. This frustrating problem also happens for example when you want to import songs from a recorded CD to your iTunes library. If you get songs from the web or from a normal CD, the missing cover problem turns into a disaster, and stops you from enjoying the best music on iTunes.

So, have you ever thought of getting the album illustrations for your iTunes songs? You have no idea how to solve this problem? Don’t worry! Here are some efficient methods to get the album artwork.

Given that we have conquered all of the traditional ways of getting album artwork, now is the moment to present the best way to get album artwork on iTunes – using Leawo Tunes Cleaner. With this highly rated program, you can automatically get the iTunes album artwork in just a few minutes.

Download & install

Download and Install iTunes Cleaner on your computer.


itunes cleaner main

How To Use

1. Run the program and click on the “Start iTunes Cleanup” button.

2. Now, the program will scan your music library and automatically show all of the songs with missing album covers in the “Songs without cover” section. You can choose to download covers for all of the songs.



3. Some of the songs’ album artworks might not be downloadable. Or if you are dissatisfied with the result, you can double click on the song or click the “Edit” button of each not-recognized song and manually edit it. You can import covers however you like.

4. Finally, after attaching the covers to the songs, you can just apply the results to your iTunes music library by clicking the “Apply” button on the upper right-hand corner.



I must say this is really the best method to get itunes music info. You will not only be able to automatically find the music that is missing an artist, album, album artwork, but you can also delete duplicated music on iTunes or music files from other MP3/MP3 devices. Songs tagged as “track 01” or “unknown author” will be restored with precision and in bulk thanks to the world’s most powerful and richest online database. This app is without a doubt your greatest ally for finding all of the missing covers as well as for deleting all of the duplicates in completely automatic way.

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