Add Album Cover Images on iTunes

Is your title missing the album cover? Yes, it is no problem to add it on iTunes!

Do you know how to retrieve the album cover? Now, many people would say that iTunes can do the job and find the right cover. Yes, this may work sometimes, but not all the time. Luckily there is a way to change the graph manually, but with hundreds of titles you would be wasting your time.

TunesGo – good option?

TunesGo is a great software for finding missing album art. It is one of the premium software from Wondershare. However, it is an add-on and requires iTunes so that this software works. It’s also a more functional software.


add artwork to itunes

How To Use

Follow these steps to add missing album art on iTunes.

1. Once you have downloaded the software, install it. You need iTunes on your Mac. This must not only be installed, it must also be synchronized. Only like that can you replace the missing cover.

2. Now start TunesGo. In the lower right corner of the window you have the option to clean up your iTunes library. Click on it and the scan will be performed. It searches for missing tags, missing album covers or duplicate titles. Only a few minutes, then it can start.

3. Then select the option that you want to run. The result will show how many album covers are missing. If there are more than 10, you need the full version to replace them. The trial version can replace up to 10 album cover.

4. Make sure that the hook is set at "title with missing covers" before you click "Clean". Another pop-up will appear, this is the confirmation. Just click "Clean".

5. Done! The software automatically adds missing album covers. The result can then be viewed in your iTunes library.

add artwork to itunes 1


This method is easier and more accurate than the iTunes method. This is because there is special software only for missing information, such as album cover or title. In addition to that, duplicate titles can be deleted, so valuable space is released.

You can still use the iTunes method or manually add the cover. But with hundreds or thousands of titles, this is very stressful and time consuming. The above method does this job in just a few clicks and is more accurate than the iTunes method.