Album Artwork Finder Adds album artwork images for iTunes music

Normally the album art relates to the cover of the album, designed exclusively for better aesthetic enjoyment. This type of information is also contained in the ID3 tag. But the problem of a missing album cover occurs often. Some music players can find the missing cover when the music is played. But the album cover is not included in the songs, so you can’t take it with you on the go. Leawo tunes cleaner is exactly what you need. First of all you can install it, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

Download & install

How To Use

1. Add music to iTunes Cleaner.

It’s very easy to add your iTunes library to this program. After starting the program, all the music in your iTunes library is automatically added. The music that has not been added to iTunes needs to be imported manually.


itunes cleaner scan mode

2. Find the ID3 tag and album cover.

Much of the information of the songs that have been added is incomplete. So you can select a song and click the ‘identification’ button in order to start the search for information such as the artist, lyrics and album cover. If you select multiple songs, the ‘identification’ button will change to ‘identify selected files’.


itunes cleaner add songs info

It is possible to identify all music with just one click. Click the scan button and the program will begin to scan all the music and find information for the incomplete albums. You can also use this scan feature if you want to find duplicates in your music library and delete them.

Once the information has been found, you can add it to the songs. Select the song and click the ‘add’ button. Remember that the cover will be removed if you load the music onto portable devices.

3. Change the album cover if you want

If you are not satisfied with the information from the internet, you can expand it with your own words. Click the ‘edit’ button and add any text you like.


itunes cleaner scan result

If you want to play the music, a double click on the file’s thumbnail will suffice. Can’t wait to try it? Try it right now and have a well-organised music library, guaranteed.

Video Tutorial