Download/Record Apple Music Free

TunesGo belongs to the best alternatives for iTunes and makes the download and recording of Apple Music on your iOS-device considerably easier. The service is easily available, comfortable and transmits very quickly. It has other features like transferring music and managing media. If you want to know how Apple Music functions "Download" and "Manage" work on TunesGo, you need to continue reading.

Download/Record Apple Music with TunesGo


With TunesGo you can easily stream Apple Music on your iOS device and then transfer it to your PC or other devices.

Without the use of iTunes you can support this platform in transferring all types of media including podcasts and iTunes U on your devices.

Through this service you can also transfer Apple Music playlists on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and other devices.


add artwork to itunes

Transfer Apple Music between devices

Another brilliant feature of Wondershare TunesGo is the fact that you can easily transfer Apple Music between individual devices. This service eliminates the need to handle everything through the complicated iTunes. Via this way it is easier and more comfortable. If you want to know how it works, continue reading.

With TunesGo you can easily transfer media from one device to your iTunes and back. Via this function you can synchronize any Apple device with your computer. And whatever you stream to an Apple device, will also be available on your PC and all other Apple devices.

TunesGo allows you to transfer or add podcasts and other media from Apple Music between different devices. As long as Apple Music only accepts certain music file formats, you can use TunesGo to convert the formats of the files so that they are accepted by Apple.

Automatically complete iTunes Music id3 Tags, Album-Cover

TunesGo is not only a brilliant platform to transfer your files and data. It also allows you to manage them properly. It helps you to manage and synchronize files so that you can sort and find the files without any problems. If you want to know more, continue reading:

With TunesGo you can easily organize your music and create playlists on your iOS devices.

With TunesGo you can synchronize any Apple device to your Mac or PC, which eliminates the process of manually entering each individual file.

The platform independently removes duplicated music files and like that automatically reduces unnecessary usage of storage space on your device.

If you have lost files due to an appliance crash or system error this platform will help to restore them because they were automatically saved as a backup on your device.

If you have songs in your library that have incomplete or incorrect tags, you can easily repair and manage them with TunesGo.

With TunesGo you can also repair and manage iTunes Music Album Cover. With TunesGo you can refine missing tracks.