Fills in Correct Missing Artist, Track, Album Info

iTunes Cleaner can automatically recognises the ID3 information on every song and finds the missing album cover and lyrics at the same time. In addition, you can edit your songs using the ‘edit’ function. Can’t wait to test this program? Just download it, and then follow the detailed steps.

Download & install

How To Use

1. Add music to the to iTunes Cleaner program.

Your iTunes library is automatically added to Tidy iTunes when you start the program for the first time. Locally saved music must first be dragged and dropped into the Tidy Music tab. Or select ‘open file’ in order to find all songs.


itunes cleaner scan mode

2. Recognise tag information for all songs.

Select a song and click the ‘identify’ button as shown. The program will search for more information on the internet, such as the artist, album artwork, lyrics and more.

If you have several songs to identify, you can select all and click the ‘identify’ button. Another way to do this is to click the ‘scan’ button which identifies all songs and removes duplicates if necessary.

After finding all information, click the ‘accept’ button to transfer it all to the songs. You can also select specific songs to do this.


itunes cleaner add songs info

3. Edit song information as desired

If you would like to add more words to the information for better organisation, don’t panic. You can do this. Click the ‘edit’ button and write anything you want, such as the artist, genre and much more. You can change the album cover, too.


itunes cleaner scan result

Now everything is complete and you can transfer the music to a mobile device with all its information. You can play the music on your Mac with a double click. Love this program? Don’t miss your chance. Download it once, it won’t disappoint you.

Video Tutorial