Transfer Music from iTunes Library to Android

You have taken the big step and have switched from an iPhone to an Android phone, only to find out that now all your songs, playlists, movies and more are stuck in iTunes? What should you do now? Find a way how to synchronize iTunes with Android, or just leave everything as it is? If you do not want to just give up your media, but do not know what the best to do is, you've come to the right place. This article deals with this issue and shows you how to transfer your media files easily from iTunes to Android.

To transfer your iTunes library on an Android phone or tablet, the best is to search for a third-party tool. Wondershare TunesGo is a software that allows music, playlists, podcasts and iTunes U to transfer from iTunes to Android. And with just one click. Moreover, you can transfer the music, movies and playlists from your Android device back to iTunes again.

Download & install

Setting up your Android device

Install and start the iTunesGo transfer software on your Mac or Windows. Connect your Android phone or tablet with a USB cable to your Mac. Launch the software and it will be displayed on the right in iTunes.

iTunesGo Main

Synchronize iTunes with Android

In the first window, click Transfer Music> Import> Import from iTunes. There will be displayed 2 options: The Complete Library or only selected playlists to sync. Choose one of them and click Transfer to transfer music, movies, podcasts, iTunes U, TV shows and more on your Android phone or tablet.

Synchronize iTunes with Android