Tidy Up Your iPod/iPhone/iPad Music Library

The people reading this might have had enough of TuneUp; or might complain that TuneUp doesn’t work, has crashed, frozen, works at a snail’s pace or is even just a scam. All these problems make you mad. Not only that, but it costs a lot of time in comparison to what it should be. Don’t you worry any longer. Here is a best itunes cleaner to TuneUp that will cheer you up. Leawo tunes cleaner can help you to identify ID3 tags, edit them, add album covers and lyrics, and remove duplicates. It was created just to help you tidy up your music library, for a better musical experience.

As a little introduction, TuneUp is a program that tries to recognise wrongly titled songs and to add missing album covers and more. It can help you to clean up your music library in this way.

Download & install

How To Use

1. Add music to iTunes Cleaner.

As soon as you open the program, it starts to scan your iTunes library and gathers all the music in Tidy iTunes. If you have saved some files in other local folders, click on the tab and then click ‘open folder’ in order to manually import music. It might even be faster to drag the file or folder directly into the tab.


itunes cleaner scan mode

2. Identify ID3 tag, album cover and song lyrics.

Select a song to see information about it on the right-hand side, as well as an ‘identify’ button. Click this button and the program will start to check the ID3 tag, album cover and lyrics of the song.


itunes cleaner add songs info

3. Edit music information

If you are not satisfied with the information from the internet, you can edit it with your own words. Click the edit symbol on the picture and add what you want.


itunes cleaner scan result

Video Tutorial